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Tulips are Gone Now!

Not really totally gone! There are probably 5 tulips still blooming in our garden. Most of them are gone now. I want to do some gardening but with the rainy weather outside, it is better to stay inside the house. Besides, I haven’t fully recovered yet with my cough and colds. Tulips taken last month […]

The Beautiful Landscape of Dalmatia, Croatia

I set the alarm at around 5:30 in the morning. We stayed that time in a 3-star hotel in Biograd na Moru, a small tourist city near Zadar in Dalmatia. After taking a shower and fixing myself, I took a breakfast, went back to my room afterwards, brushed my teeth and brought my luggage in […]

Itinerary to Southeast Europe

That was quite a tiring trip but it was all worth it. Visiting 5 countries in Southeast Europe for a period of 9 days was a record for me. When I received the flyer offering cheap trip to the Balkans, I did not hesitated to book it because I was thinking  it will be my […]

Another Celebration in Weiden

There are a lot of Weiden places in Germany and I am talking about Weiden in der Oberpfalz (known in English as Weiden in Upper Palatinate). There will be another celebration coming on this weekend near this city. A friend sent me a message that it will be the 25th wedding anniversary of our friends […]

Overnights in Biograd Na Moru, Croatia

After some hours of sightseeing in Zagreb, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Croatia, our bus headed to our hotel in Biograd na Moru, where we had two overnight stays. It took us over 4 hours to Biograd na Moru from Zagreb. Bus stops and breaks sometimes made the travels a lit […]

Feeling Like a Musician in Keukenhof

That was a cool picture we had from Keukenhof.  A lot of my  friends in facebook were commenting to that photo.  I wish  to share it here but since I did not ask   permission from  my friends to publicize it in this blog, therefore I will not post it.  It was actually taken inside […]

Countryside Trip to the Land of Tulips in Keukenhof

It was my dear friend’s wish to visit the famous “Garden of Europe”. I have the same wish and I always include it in my travel wishlist. And yes, my friend’s wish and mine as well finally came true. Because of her courage and enthusiasm to visit this paradise, we finally decided to go to […]

Souvenirs from Oslo

Shopping for souvenirs is always a part of my so-called “things to do” everytime I travel. During our recent cruise in Scandinavia, I also bought some souvenirs. I am telling you guys shopping and buying for souvenirs in Norway especially in Oslo is quite expensive. A small postcard for example already costs 1.00 Euros. That […]

Cruising in Norway

I am still quite tired from our recent cruise in Scandinavia. One of the countries we visited was Norway. We had a day sightseeing in its capital city of Oslo. All I can say, it was a wonderful and memorable cruise trip full of  experiences. I have a lot of things to share during that  […]



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