Last Minute Christmas Shopping in Dresden’s Altmarkt Gallerie

Merry Christmas everyone! I believe most of you are ready to open your Christmas presents. I guess, I have something to open too! Whatever it is, the spirit of Christmas should be in our hearts and that is the spirit of love and sharing.

We had a trip to Dresden last Friday. It was so far good for me because we were given ample time to explore the city. I also had some time to go for a last minute Christmas shopping for my DH. After seeing some of the sights, I and my friends decided to go inside the mall in Dresden known as the Altmarkt Galerie (Old Market Gallery).

Inside the Altmarkt Galerie in Dresden.

This mall is big with a lot of shops and restaurants inside.  You can find everything  inside this mall  from electronics  to clothing, toys, shoes, home decors,  appliances, jewelry store and more.  I guess  many people shopped for jewelry items this Christmas. I would love to window shop for   Reeds wedding rings online instead of going to the mall. Someone in the family  plans for something in the future and that is to wed. I can help her find the best wedding rings.

After finding a store to buy some Christmas presents for DH, we decided to take our lunch in an  Asian buffet in Altmarkt  Galerie. I guess, we spent almost two hours inside the  mall  window shopping for many things especially electronics.

So far that trip in Dresden was another success for me. It was my second visit but I would love to see it again. The highlight of our visit was witnessing this so-called Striezemarkt or Christmas market in Dresden. It was beautiful!


7 Responses to “Last Minute Christmas Shopping in Dresden’s Altmarkt Gallerie”

  1. chubskulit Says:

    Last minute shopping is a stressful thing for me lol

  2. Ria C Says:

    Post more pics sis of your trip there and the other Christmas Markets you have visited. My daughter is now bugging me for a 2014 Christmas Market Euro tour. Well, at least, I have enough time to save up for that and hopefully, this time, we get to go. Kaya lng, she’ll be in Manila na for her college studies by then. ANg mahal na ng airfare! hahahaha

  3. Marie Says:

    I love your site!!! It’s like I am visiting the places you visited! Europe has always been my dream destination (hmm, soon…)

  4. Jhari Says:

    I hope you and your family had a blast last Christmas 🙂

  5. Marie Says:

    Looks like a great place to shop. Especially for the last minute! 🙂

  6. Peach and Things Says:

    I don’t like last minute shoppings! I usually shop early to avoid the rush.

  7. Eliz@positivekismet Says:

    What sort of things did they have on sale? I love the photos and the gran scale of the shops… Lovely memories. 😉


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