Going to Venice Carnival or Not?

Carnival would surely be a great experience especially if you love fun and enjoyment. I have been to some sort of carnival festivals in Europe especially in Germany but haven’t experience yet the Carnival of Venice , also known as Carnevale di Venezia.

The Campanile at the St. Mark’s Square during my 4th visit in Venice last 2011.

In fact, I have been to Venice four times already but did not had a perfect timing to visit its world most famous carnival.  I only experienced  a Venice Carnival during the Venetian week in Nuremberg, Germany. They also had a parade that time but the participants  were only around 20 people.  They also wore elaborate costumes and distinctive masks, which I really find very interesting. 

During that  Venetian week in Nuremberg,  there were also street performers, live bands and musicians playing live music. They played good that time that we stood up for some minutes to listen to their songs.  Hearing how they played  good with their music instruments makes me think on how to  save on behringer inuke nu6000 for my niece who wish to be a musician.

It is hard for me to decide  whether to go to this  Carnival of  Venice this coming weekend. One thing is, I already booked a trip to Italy next month and one of the places we will be visiting is Venice…. again! This will be my fifth time  in Venice. For now, I am  still deciding whether to go or not. I have until Thursday to decide for  it.

Can you help me decide? Thanks!


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