That Fun Hearing Halloween Music in Frankenstein Castle

I am almost saying goodbye to February. I believed, I am really to face another month. March is coming soon and I am already getting more excited. Why? Another great travel is about to come. I am already having sleepless nights thinking about it.

Halloween in Frankenstein Castle.

I believed many of you have heard  about the name Frankenstein. You might probably watch a movie about it. Feel free to Google it and you can surely find  about the story of Frankenstein.

This afternoon, I was browsing one of my four external drives where all of my travel photos are saved. I found this album taken during our visit to Frankenstein Castle. We drove there to witness its famous Halloween event.  If you are entering the castle, you can already find people wearing Halloween costumes. You can also hear creepy music around the castle. I believed they used good plush amplifiers in playing  their music. I had fun  watching the reaction of some visitors especially the kids who were afraid of these creepy  Halloween costumes. It was a good trip that time inspite of the long drive. The most important thing was, we enjoyed it.

“Frankenstein Castle (Burg Frankenstein) is a hilltop castle in Eberstadt about 5 km south of Darmstadt in Germany. Modern claims of the castle having an influence on the work of Mary Shelley remain controversial.”

In 1673, the alchemist Johann Conrad Dippel was born at the castle. He was very famous during his lifetime.

There have been claims of Dippel influencing Mary Shelley to write her Frankenstein novel, though there is no mention of the castle in Mary’s journals from the time. It is known that in 1814, prior to writing the famous novel, Mary took a journey on the river Rhine. She spent a few hours in the town of Gernsheim, which is located about ten miles away from the castle. Though much of what has been said about Dippel to support this theory has turned out to be false,  several nonfiction books on the life of Mary Shelley claim Dippel as a possible influence. wikipedia.


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