Can’t Wait to Visit German Festivals This Summer

Summer is finally here! The weather this week finally gets so friendly and sunny. I heard over the news on the radio that it even reached up to 30 degrees Celsius! I can see and feel it this afternoon because when I went to my garden, the soils are really dried up and the plants and flowers need to be watered. I finished watering some minutes ago.

Let me go back to my main topic. When I came home from work this afternoon, I took sometime to lay down and relax on the couch. As I felt thirsty, I decided to make a cup of my favorite lemon-gingered flavored green tea. While drinking my tea, I was also reading a local newspaper. One of the pages featured schedules of festivals in and around our area here in Bayern or Bavaria.

Yes, summer time means festival time in Germany. This is one of the best times of the year in Germany to have fun and simply enjoy life. Festivals like Sommerfest, Volksfest and world’s largest festival called Oktoberfest can be experience  in this country. This is a wonderful time to experience and listen live bands who are playing music of all kinds. It is quite a long time since I heard the banging of cymbals, playing of guitars, beats of the drums and other musical instruments. If you are a musician, you surely know what these stuffs are including a dampit bass. I will surely visit a German festival this summer. A cold soda or a mug of cold beer might be perfect while listening to the live bands, enjoying their live shows and music. Cheers!


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