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Summer Fun Festivals Everywhere!

Hello  summer! How’s your first week of the month going on? So far, so good for me. I am just so busy with my full time job and it is getting harder everyday. There is a personnel cost-cutting going on but still I am thankful that I have a job. Today, the temperature is very […]

The Best Shoes to Wear while on your Countryside Trip

One of the most important things you can bring on a trip to the countryside is a comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes. What type of shoes, however, depends on what activities you plan to do well on your vacation. Here is a list of comfortable and durable few options as well as recommendations for […]

Listening to Songs While on Countryside Trips

Hello April! Hello Spring time! Wow, I am just so happy today. I am quite tired due to the many errands and chores that needs to be done on weekend but I am simply feeling good today. Thanks to the friendly sunny spring weather which visits us everyday! The past days were just awesome! My […]

Wish To Watch a Concert Anywhere in Europe

Welcome to my life 2017! How’s your first weeks of 2017? The first month of the year called January is almost over now. In fact, we are now on its last weekend. I hope everything is doing good to you all and I am sending well wishes to all my readers and viewers! I know […]

Can’t wait to Hear Christmas Songs!

Hello November! Golden October is over now and we are facing a new month, known as the ninth month of the ancient Roman calendar. In less than 60 days from now, our Christian brothers and sisters will also be celebrating Christmas. During this time of the year in my home country, you can already see […]

Hearing All These Christmas Songs Makes me Miss Home More

Happy holidays everyone! Finally,  the big wait is over. Christmas day is here! I am hoping that you had or currently having  the loveliest and merriest celebration of Christmas. I also hope that each and everyone truly understand the true meaning of this season and that is sharing and giving especially to our love ones, […]

Miss That Fun Night in Nuremberg with Friends

Happy TGIF everyone! For many who are not working on the weekends, it is for sure a happy TGIF. Not for me,  because I will work the whole weekend. I am on a 6-day shift again and honestly, I am not loving it. For now, I have no other choice but to do the job […]

Window Shopping in SM City Cebu

The sweet days of window shopping in Asia is over! Hello guys! I am back here. I know, I was away for a long time here but there are offline things that keep me busy all the time. I believed, next month will be more busy since I have to concentrate more on a job. […]

Had a Happy Halloween!

Hello November! Is it still Halloween? Okey, then happy Halloween everyone! It was indeed a fun night last night! As I arrived in my friend’s house, the party already started. I was quite late but I always say, better later than never at all! Everyone brought some things that night from candies for the kids, […]

Thinking for my Next Travel Destination

I have some friends who are asking about trips to Israel. I told them I will let them know about it if I find a cheaper one. Israel is one of the countries I wish to visit in the Middle East. If I go there, I would love to experience its financial center which is […]



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