Going on a Countryside Road Trip

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Hello folks! How’s things going on out there! I believe some if you are having a Halloween party now. I am done with one  last night and I had fun. Thankful also to see friends and family after awhile.

Anyone out there who is planning for a road trip? I can’t exactly remember how many adventures and road trips I already did in the past. Traveling is one of my  passion and I am the happiest if I am on the road.  From Asia to Europe, North America and Africa, I already had some wonderful and memorable road trips in these continents. I am a happy  globetrotter visiting over 40 countries in this beautiful planet earth. I love especially doing countryside trips where you can see amazing landscapes and awesome nature. (more…)


Summer Fun Festivals Everywhere!

Hello  summer! How’s your first week of the month going on? So far, so good for me. I am just so busy with my full time job and it is getting harder everyday. There is a personnel cost-cutting going on but still I am thankful that I have a job.

Today, the temperature is very hot at around 33 degree Celsius. There is no aircondition at work and you will really be sweating. I am glad that I survived today. lol!

There are a lot of festivals going on around the area. I wish, I can attend and witness any one or two of these festivals. I want to have fun listening to live bands with their live music. I love seeing a musician performing any musical instruments especially guitars. I find  them awesome!

If ever, I know how to play a guitar, I would love to have this gibson firebird at musiciansfriend.com. This site is simply amazing in terms of musical gadgets and accessories. Feel free to browse it if ever you are looking for one.


The Best Shoes to Wear while on your Countryside Trip

One of the most important things you can bring on a trip to the countryside is a comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes. What type of shoes, however, depends on what activities you plan to do well on your vacation. Here is a list of comfortable and durable few options as well as recommendations for which tiles are best for particular Countryside activities.

Countryside Walking/Trekking Trip in Algarve, Portugal

Walking trips

When taking a walking tour especially in the European Countryside, you can easily walk up to seven miles in a day. Because of this is important to have shoes that provide your souls comfort and your ankles support so that you won’t sustain an injury. (more…)


Wish for a Musical Trip in Europe

Hello folks! How’s things  going on out there? I hope your first days of April turns out great! So far, I am doing good. Today was such a beautiful spring day. The sun was shining so bright the  whole day. It is nice to feel the warm of  the sun after a very cold winter the past months. I am so grateful for the lovely day today! (more…)


Listening to Songs While on Countryside Trips

Hello April! Hello Spring time! Wow, I am just so happy today. I am quite tired due to the many errands and chores that needs to be done on weekend but I am simply feeling good today. Thanks to the friendly sunny spring weather which visits us everyday! The past days were just awesome!

My friends on the net, I want to let you know that I love listening to different music or songs while on my countryside trips. Thanks to our modern technology and gadgets like smartphones, tablets and Ipod, I can listen to my favorite songs wherever and whenever I am! (more…)


Wish To Watch a Concert Anywhere in Europe

Welcome to my life 2017! How’s your first weeks of 2017? The first month of the year called January is almost over now. In fact, we are now on its last weekend. I hope everything is doing good to you all and I am sending well wishes to all my readers and viewers!

I know my first weeks of the year were not so good but I am so thankful that everything is slowly back to normal now! I am feeling very better now. I believed, I am very well now compared to the last four months. I am also glad to be backed to work again. Thanks God for touching me with your healing power! YOU are simply amazing! (more…)


Extra Pocket Money for My Travels

Merry Christmas Everyone! It is the most wonderful time of the year! I wish I am home during this time but due to work-related matters, I can never be home for Christmas unless I quite my job and go home for good. Oh well, it is still not the right time to go home. I still need more time to save money to start a business in my home country.

The year is almost ending. This is not really good year for me as many trials and challenges were on my way. I hope this will be over so soon. All I wish this Christmas is good health for me, my family and friends near and far. I also wish and pray for love, joy, happiness, peace in this world and blessings to keep me and my family’s needs to be provided. (more…)


Can’t wait to Hear Christmas Songs!

Hello November! Golden October is over now and we are facing a new month, known as the ninth month of the ancient Roman calendar. In less than 60 days from now, our Christian brothers and sisters will also be celebrating Christmas.

During this time of the year in my home country, you can already see a lot of Christmas decoration on the streets and alleys. People are also slowly putting up their Christmas trees. (more…)


Computer Gadgets

Hello folks! I am finally back in the blogosphere. I finally have my laptop to give you some updates. It’s been awhile since I was here. Believe me, I am not on vacation. I am currently in a place where nobody want to, in a hospital. Please help me pray for my speedy recovery ….in God’s will hopefully so soon.

It is so boring here at the hospital. I am glad that I have my laptop now and I can finally here some music and songs from my laptop or in the internet. (more…)


Shopping for Musical gadgets while Travelling

Hello wonderful people of this planet! It seems that somebody is so busy the past months. I apologize for not visiting you here and for not sharing any updates. I wish I have more time doing all these blogging stuffs. Since I started a full time job two years ago, time has been too limited for me.

Anyway let me share this quick before I sign off tonight. I remember a good friend of mine and a former colleague who asked me to buy him a musical instrument. He owns a band in my home town and until now they are still playing with the group anywhere in the area. (more…)



Hi dear friends and visitors!! thanks for visiting me here!! Have a great and blessed day!!



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