Can’t wait to Hear Christmas Songs!

Hello November! Golden October is over now and we are facing a new month, known as the ninth month of the ancient Roman calendar. In less than 60 days from now, our Christian brothers and sisters will also be celebrating Christmas.

During this time of the year in my home country, you can already see a lot of Christmas decoration on the streets and alleys. People are also slowly putting up their Christmas trees. (more…)


Computer Gadgets

Hello folks! I am finally back in the blogosphere. I finally have my laptop to give you some updates. It’s been awhile since I was here. Believe me, I am not on vacation. I am currently in a place where nobody want to, in a hospital. Please help me pray for my speedy recovery ….in God’s will hopefully so soon.

It is so boring here at the hospital. I am glad that I have my laptop now and I can finally here some music and songs from my laptop or in the internet. (more…)


Shopping for Musical gadgets while Travelling

Hello wonderful people of this planet! It seems that somebody is so busy the past months. I apologize for not visiting you here and for not sharing any updates. I wish I have more time doing all these blogging stuffs. Since I started a full time job two years ago, time has been too limited for me.

Anyway let me share this quick before I sign off tonight. I remember a good friend of mine and a former colleague who asked me to buy him a musical instrument. He owns a band in my home town and until now they are still playing with the group anywhere in the area. (more…)


Listening to Music While Walking on the Countryside

Hello everyone! Hello spring! It is already spring but I still cannot feel it due to the cold weather outside. I can’t wait for a warmer spring time when the sun is shining bright, thus eliminating the cold temperature. More on that, I can’t wait to go walking again in the countryside when the weather gets nicer. I need to get rid of the winter pounds that I gained during the season.

Sometimes, I have my earplugs on when going for a walk. It is simply because, I want to listen to the music in my phone. I can also imagine using a low top converse while going for a walk. It makes me think if all musicians out there are using these cool and comfortable shoes while performing live on stage. Why not folks! Besides, it is always on the go and the style never gets old! Cheers!


Missing The Fun and Entertainment During A Cruise Trip

Happy New Year 2016 to all! I know it is too late now but hey, better late than never at all. How’s your first weeks of the year? I hope you are all having a wonderful time. I am doing fine and I cannot complain at the moment. I am not really the person who complains about little things. I always believe that I must also see the other side of the coin. Right folks? (more…)


Hearing All These Christmas Songs Makes me Miss Home More

Happy holidays everyone! Finally,  the big wait is over. Christmas day is here! I am hoping that you had or currently having  the loveliest and merriest celebration of Christmas. I also hope that each and everyone truly understand the true meaning of this season and that is sharing and giving especially to our love ones, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and even people we met along the road.

I have been hearing Christmas songs since October. Hearing them  makes me miss home more.  Spending it with my family back in my home country really makes a big difference.  I wish I am home this Christmas but circumstances  won’t let me do so. (more…)


Time to Hear Christmas Songs at the Christmas Markets in Europe

Holiday season is just some steps away. Are you ready for it? I hope the first week of December went great for all of you. I am thankful that it was indeed an awesome first week of the last month of 2015. Wow, how time flies so fast! I can’t imagine that the first week of this month is almost to an end.

Visiting the Christmas market in Austria’s capital city was a wonderful experience. Indeed,  Vienna is a lovely city to visit during the holiday season.
During this year, one of the best things to do is to visit the Christmas markets especially if you are in Europe. There are a lot of things you can do when visiting one. For example during my visit in Vienna’s Christmas market, I did some shopping, listen to the Christmas songs played at the market, tasted some local delicacies and some Christmas cookies like Lebkuchen and more. (more…)


Had Fun Listening to Medieval Music in German Festival

It was a fun evening. I was so thankful that me and my bestfriend decided to go to this festival called Tillyfest. It is held every year in the town named Breitenbrunn which is located in the region of Upper Palatinate in Bavaria, Germany.

These musicians using medieval instruments with their medieval music are simply awesome! I love their performances!

I already visited this festival many times but only during Sundays, the day when the parade takes place. This year, or I would say last Saturday, exactly one week ago, we decided to go there to see what are really going on during Saturday night.  (more…)


It was a Luxury Accommodation in Cunda Island, Turkey

Hey folks! How are you doing this month. Wow, we are almost in the middle of August. Time flies so fast nowadays. I can’t wait for the next vacation. How about you? For now, let me try to reminisce the past travels I did in the past.
The lobby of Halic Park Hotel during my stay in spring 2015.

I have been to Turkey twice and did visited some towns and cities there including the island in the Ayvalık Islands archipelago in Turkey called Cunda. It was my second visit in Ayvalik but my first stay in this 5-star hotel named Halic Park Hotel. For that very cheap holiday package, I cannot complain with the room I stayed and with the food except for the hotel staff especially the receptionist who was a bit unfriendly when I was asking her some questions. (more…)


Glad To Hear Bavarian Folk Music Again in Munich

What can I say about Munich? I actually have a lot of things to say about the beautiful capital of the Bavarian Region in Germany. Munich has everything from historic monuments and buildings, culture, food, major museums, theaters, entertainment, sports, exhibitions, conferences and how about the famous and the largest festival in the planet known as the Oktoberfest.

The musicians at the famous Hofbraeuhaus or Hofbräuhaus, also known as in public as the Royal Brewery in Munich, Germany.

I believed, I am a  lucky traveler visiting Munich many times. Everytime, I visit the city, I never miss going to this famous Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, Munich’s famous “hofbrauhaus”, was founded in 1589 by the Duke of Bavaria, Wilhelm V. It is one of Munich’s oldest beer halls. (more…)


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