The Beautiful Landscape of Dalmatia, Croatia

I set the alarm at around 5:30 in the morning. We stayed that time in a 3-star hotel in Biograd na Moru, a small tourist city near Zadar in Dalmatia. After taking a shower and fixing myself, I took a breakfast, went back to my room afterwards, brushed my teeth and brought my luggage in front of Hotel Kornati, where the bus was waiting for our next journey to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We drove along the Croatian highway and had a stop-over in one of the gasoline stations there. I recognized the area because of the shield I found near the toilet. This part of Croatia is called Dalmacija, also known in English as Dalmatia. Remember a dog named Dalmatian? This is where they get its name.

The shield Dalmacija in one of the gas stops along the highway of this region. Dalmatia is the southern coastal region of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea.

I thought I can only see these places in internet or in travel channels on televisions. I am glad that I was there and see the beauty of the landscapes and nature in Dalmatia. When time and  finances will allow in the future, I will surely go back to  Croatia.  Ahh..there are just myriads of beautiful places on earth. I am glad that I saw and experienced some of them. Thanks goodness!

Wild flowers and hills and mountains in Dalmatia. ©

Playground at the gasoline station along the highway of  Dalmatia.

Geography and Climate in Dalmatia:

Most of the area is covered by Dinaric Alps mountain ranges running from north-west to south-east. On the coasts the climate is Mediterranean, while further inland it is moderate continental. In the mountains, winters are frosty and snowy, while summers are hot and dry. To the south winters are milder. Over the centuries many forest have been cut down and replaced with bush and brush. There is evergreen vegetation on the coast. The soils are generally poor, except on the plains where areas with natural grass, fertile soils and warm summers provide an opportunity for tillage.


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