Luggage is Ready for the Next Trip to Tuscany, Italy

I am quite tired at the moment. There are just a lot of things I did offline before I  escape again for another trip. Thanks God, my luggage is finally done. I just need to put later my laptop inside and some personal stuffs and I am good to go.

Florence, Italy. Thanks to my friend for this image. I will see this city soon!

I was quite busy the past days, both  offline and  online  tasks. Not much is going on with blogging but I am glad that I was able to update some of my blogs before I leave. Now, I am happy that I will be going for another  adventure. Some people might be thinking  I have a lot of money because I travel almost  every month since spring season this year. Oh well, there are many things I consider and one of it is traveling,  when finances are available.

Being a banker by profession, I just know how to keep and save money and I know my priorities. I am not a  girl who always go to the beauty parlor every week, eat in restaurants  every day because I can cook,  I don’t have vices like smoking and drinking….and what else? I believed I have to stop shopping! yay!

We should learn how to  save and set aside money when we can. As for me, I am quite an expert with that. lolz!  I wish I have more time to share on how to spend money wisely.

About blogging, there are still a lot of things to do and to learn  and I am hoping I can slowly learn it from time to time. Thanks to all good friends who are helping.  You cannot expect everybody to help but there are good friends who are really generous and kind  in sharing their  knowledge and talents.  I am forever grateful!

And yes, my luggage is set! This time,  I am heading to Toskana or Tuscany region in Italy for a week. I will be visiting Pisa, Luca, Florence, Carrara, Porto Venere ans Siena. I am really very excited. It is not my first time in Italy but this will be my first time in Tuscany region.

Thanks God for the opportunity to travel again. Please protect me from all harm and danger and bring me home safe again!

See you next time and take care too!


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  1. Healy Harpster Says:

    Atot lang, when kaya ko maka adto ug Italy! 🙂


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