No Camera, No Travel!

This is my travel motto, “No Camera, No Travel!”. I went to many Christmas markets in Europe this month and of course, I also brought my cameras to take pictures.

Most of the time I encountered tourists in the group who always asked me why I take lots of photos when I travel. Well, this is a very easy question and I always answer, I am a blogger and I need it especially for my travel blogs. The photographs I took from my travels are the only memories I can take home for free. I also told them that I never know if I can come back to these places again. More on that, I told them that when I get old and can never walk anymore, I will just look  at my  travel shots and it will already bring back the memories I had from those travels.

Italy.Venice.IMG_0282.© RB Photography
Venice, Italy during my  4th visit last summer 2011. I will be visiting it again next year.

I wish I am a professional photographer but I am not. This is always the thinking of other people whom I met when travelling with a group. I just love taking photographs of anything. I also wish that I have a very good SLR camera. I also need a Camera Trap if ever I will be visiting Africa in the near future. I know one day, I can visit this continent.

When I travel, I also bring at least  three cameras. I already experience in one of my travels when one of my camera got some errors and it did not work anymore. I learn from that situation that I also need to bring extra cameras, SD cards and batteries.

For me, if I don’t  bring a camera when travelling, I rather stay home and relax.

Happy holidays everyone!


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  1. Denmark Says:

    we have same sentiments. When I started my blog for almost 2 months I realized I really need a DSLR or a good camera that can take a very good pictures and HD video. Its not only because I do blogging but to save the good memories.


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