6 Step Survival Guide for Long Haul Flights

One of the greatest things about modern life is that we can travel to amazing places on the other side of the world. However, one of the bad things is that it still takes so long to get there. Getting through an entire day – or more – on a plane can be tough, but this survival guide for long haul flights can help ease the pain.

1: Plan For Extra Travel

A long haul flight can be sapping to your energy, but you need to consider saving some for when you arrive at your destination. Unless you live next door to the airport, you will still have some traveling to do. Make sure you organize your train or bus beforehand or have your car in an accessible part of the parking lot.   Although long-term parking can be expensive, if you see it as an extra amount on top of your long haul flight fare, it won’t seem that bad. Head over to AirportParkingHelper.com to see how you can find your airport’s cheapest parking options for offsite long term rates.

2: Reserve A Seat

If you are spending a long time on a plane, it is best to book in advance and reserve a seat. Avoid middle seats entirely – unless you like being sandwiched between two people and their elbows. Steer clear of the seats near the restroom, too: these can get noisy, and will be insulting to your sense of smell. If you think you might get ill during the flight, your best bet is to sit at the front of the plane. Turbulence can get pretty rough on any flight, and it is far more noticeable to the rear of the aircraft.

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3: Wear Comfortable Clothes

There is no point wearing your most glamorous attire if it is going to cause you discomfort. Wear loose, comfy clothing and, if you feel the cold, wear something warm to negate the plane’s air conditioning. Never wear tight shoes, either. Many people experience swelling in their feet when they fly, and you may get very uncomfortable.

4: Sleep When You Can

Getting good sleep is very difficult on a flight, but important if you don’t want to feel washed out on the first few days of your trip. Speak to your doctor beforehand if you are worried – you may be prescribed some sleeping pills. Buy an eye mask and earplugs. You could also think about noise canceling headphones. Think about investing in a travel pillow, and a good set of blankets can help, too.

5: Drink Water

Flying can take its toll on your skin and hydration, thanks to the heavy air conditioning and recycled air. Keeping yourself topped up with water will help keep you more comfortable – and you can top it up with fruit and veg snacks that contain a high water content. Make sure you are aware if water is complimentary before you fly. If not, buy some at the terminal beforehand.

6: Entertainment

You can never tell how good the in-flight entertainment is going to be, so always bring your own as backup. Put aside some of your holiday expenses to buy some new stuff that will keep you interested. Bring some good-quality headphones, and load up your tablet or phone with your favorite TV shows, music, movies or games.

We hope this guide will help you have a great flight. Don’t forget to let us know how you got on!


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