Extra Pocket Money for My Travels

Merry Christmas Everyone! It is the most wonderful time of the year! I wish I am home during this time but due to work-related matters, I can never be home for Christmas unless I quite my job and go home for good. Oh well, it is still not the right time to go home. I still need more time to save money to start a business in my home country.

The year is almost ending. This is not really good year for me as many trials and challenges were on my way. I hope this will be over so soon. All I wish this Christmas is good health for me, my family and friends near and far. I also wish and pray for love, joy, happiness, peace in this world and blessings to keep me and my family’s needs to be provided.

There are so many things to be thankful of inspite the many challenges this year. I hope one day, I can spend more time with my family back home.

Anyway, if you are an Digital Marketer, Sales Account Manager, Online Marketer, a Programmer or Web Developer, SEO Copywriter, Graphic Designer or any related online jobs, you might find your dream job at Triangle Direct Media. The company is looking for some talents related to online jobs.

So far, I am happy being a part time blogger earning a bit money online for my pocket money when I go on vacation. Although, earning money online is not that  good as before, I am still happy to share my travel and personal experiences and any thoughts and ideas I have and write it in my blogs.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year too! take care folks!


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