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How to Enjoy a Trip to Geneva on the Cheap

Geneva is known as being one of the most expensive cities in the world, but with options available for cheap travel, food and exploring museums and attractions, it really is possible to enjoy it on the cheap. Check out our guide to making your money stretch further in Geneva. © Getting there Luckily there […]

Countryside Trip While Enjoying the Sceneries at the Bernina Pass

If you experience  the train ride called Bernina Express, you surely have an idea on  how beautiful are the sceneries  you see while passing the so-calle Bernina Pass.  It was truly an amazing   experience seeing  the beauty and wonder of nature while riding a train in this part of Europe. This is  one of the […]

A Beautiful Day Driving from Baveno to Ascona

That was indeed a wonderful countryside trip! I enjoyed sitting in the bus during that trip from our 3-star hotel in Baveno, Italy to Ascona, Switzerland. I cannot complain with our hotel because that trip was really cheap. It cost 299.0 euros for a 5-day trip,  including all the  transportation, accommodation, sightseeing tours and breakfast […]

These Lovely Scenery in Switzerland

It was like having a road trip in Switzerland but we actually had a bus trip that time. Our  final destination during that trip were the French Riviera and Italian Riviera. We started our trip from Regensburg, Germany. We passed-b through a  lot of towns and cities in Switzerland and Italy as well. I simply […]



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